NEXHYPE,2008年於台灣成立,以音樂新浪潮(NU WAVE)作為品牌哲學,呈現獨樹一格的極簡洗鍊剪裁,追求本質和新型態的推進性設計。

NEXHYPE was established in Taiwan, year 2008,inspired by NU WAVE as our core value.
Uniqueness, minimalism and casual life style are three insignificant values in our company. As our company develops, we are always trying to make our products more diverse and combine our daily life experience with broader vision of design in multi-elements.
Ever since, sports become one of our fundamental styles, which are functional, futuristic, and free in our collections. We are looking forward to the brand new chapter of NEXHYPE.

品牌洽談相關業務(Brand Contact Manager)